What is 3D Style Layer Lashes? Single Layer Lashes? Is there a difference?

There has been a lot of questions regarding the Love Pretty Lashes's Lash band and why the Natural Styles are 'thicker' in comparison to other natural style lashes out on the market. 

This is because Love Pretty's Natural Lashes are 3D style lashes while other natural styles are single layer lashes. 

Let's see what these two different styles offer.


3D layer lashes means that there are multiple layers of hair that are stacked, depending on lash styles, on top of each other. Because of this layering of hairs lengths, this creates a lot of volume for the lash as well as staggered length. Since there are more layers of hair used to create staggering length and volume, the band will be slightly thicker than single layer lashes.

3D Style Love Pretty Lashes


Single layer lashes means that there is a single layer of hair. The band is thin with a single point of attachment. Some will have bundles to add light volume. In our humble opinion, we thing that the primary purpose of the single layer lashes is to add length. 

Single Layer Lashes


This is all about preference. 

For 3D styles, we think this is perfect for those who are looking for lashes that add a lot of volume and glamour. These are perfect for those looking to amp up their makeup looks for weddings, photoshoots, events/parties, date night, girl's night out or daytime events. 

For single layer styles, we think this is perfect for those who are happy with their current lash volume and just looking for a bit more length. This style is also great for those who are looking for the thinnest lash band possible. These are best for those "no makeup, makeup days." 



Even though Love Pretty's 3D style has a 'thicker' lash band in comparison to single layer lashes, You'll be surprised at how thin, comfortable and easy it is to wear, apply, and blend with your natural lashes.

 We hope this helped you with your decision on which kind or type of lashes will work best for you and the look you're hoping to achieve! 



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