Customize Your Love Pretty Lashes For Your Petite Eyes!

The best feature of Love Pretty Lashes is how easy it is to customize your lashes to achieve the look you want!

This is made possible because of our very gradual hair gradient inner corners! This is also what makes our lashes stand out because a lot of lashes don't offer this. 

customize your love pretty lashes for petite eyes


To achieve a more natural lash look, we recommend trimming your lashes started from the outer lash band side. This takes off the longest and most dense part of the lashes leaving you with a lighter lash and a more natural look

Customize Love Pretty Lashes for Petite Eyes 


When you want to turn the volume up, both figuratively and literally, you should trim the lash from the inner lash band side. This way you're able to fit the lash to the size of your eyes AND get the volume and length at the ends of the lashes. Which will elongate and lift your eyes. 

Customize Love Pretty Lashes for Petite Eyes

Same Please!

If you're in love with the style of the lash, trimming a little bit from both ends will preserve the style of the lash. 

Customize Love Pretty Lashes for Petite Eyes 


We hope you enjoy this quick tutorial on how to trim your lashes! Please enjoy your Love Pretty Lashes! 



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