Why Strip Lashes Are The Perfect "Beauty Hack" for New and Veteran Moms!

Being a mom is quite possibly the hardest job in the world. They work so hard and do so much for everyone that they forget to pamper themselves. We find that the best beauty hack for new and veteran Moms are strip lashes! 

Strip Lashes are the best beauty hack because they instantly open up your eyes and help you look well rested even when you're up multiple times at night feeding and changing diapers. We recommend strip lashes because they are quick, affordable, and healthier for your lashes. 

With so many hours in the day spent on feed, changing diapers, and soccer practice, who has time for the 2-3 hours it takes for lash extensions? It hard enough trying to carve time out for moms to take care of themselves so why not make it easier for self-love with strip lashes? Strip lashes take 3-4 mins to put on and a good quality pair can be used 25-30 times! It may be hard to find 2-3 hours to get lashes done but it won't be as hard to find 3-4 mins to put on strip lashes.

The one phrase we've heard numerous times is that "kids are expensive." We agree! From diapers to buying clothes they outgrow, we know that everything adds up. Strip lashes are our favorite way to get glam without the steep price tag. Unlike lash extensions that range from $89-300, strip lashes cost about $1-40. Since we love lashes that are of higher quality and comfort, those lashes will cost about $20-30 dollars. Since you're able to wear them about 25-30 times with proper care, we are willing to splurge on them. Lash extensions also require refills which can cost about half, if not more, of the original price. This is why strip lashes are the best. Who says looking good has to be expensive? 

Postpartum lashes are usually weak and sparse. With lash extensions, you have to glue individual strands of the lash on your own lashes to be able to achieve a full lash appearance. This often weakens and damages the natural lash even more. Luckily with strip lashes, the glue from the strip lash is placed on the eyelids, not the eyelash. Because of this, lashes can have maximum volume with very little damage to the eyelash, thus allowing the eyelashes to heal and get stronger.

Hack this beauty hack now! See what strip lashes can do for your eyes.  

Let us know in the comments about your take on strip lashes!



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