3 Reasons Why Lashes are Worth the Investment.

3 reasons why lashes are worth the investment

Often times we like to save money by spending as little as possible on items we use. More times than not, people often think that lashes should be cheap and affordable. While this may be what most would expect when buying lashes from drug stores, but there are lashes outside of the drugstore whelm that are much more comfortable and natural to wear. 

We are of the opinion that you should spend less money on trendy items like hot pink lipsticks or green eyeshadows. You'll wear them a couple times and the fad will eventually fade. Lashes, the fad still hasn't faded. Why not invest in a staple item that enhances your beauty while being comfortable to wear all day.

1.  Quality Mink lashes are much easier to wear all day. 

We find that mink lashes are much more comfortable to wear in comparison to traditional drugstore lashes. They look less shiny, less plastic-y and typically have a thinner band. Traditional synthetic lashes often have thick bands that can make lashes challenging to put on and mold to the curve of your eye. when the band doesn't curve, the comfort diminishes and the corners of the lash will tend to lift up.

You get what you pay for

By investing in quality lashes, you'll have an easier time putting them on and wearing them all day. They won't feel heavy on your eyelids and you won't feel the thick plastic band. Also, you won't have to worry about other people knowing that you're wearing fake eyelashes because the corners won't lift up. 

2. They help brighten and create a more youthful complexion.

If you invest in your skincare, your skin tends to look smoother and brighter. If you invest in getting manicures, your hand looks more supple and fresh. Why should your eyes be any different? If anything its more important that you invest in quality items that go on your face.

Look well-rested look
in seconds with lashes

Lashes help frame your eyes and make them look, younger, bigger, and brighter. Even if you didn't get a full 8 hrs of sleep, you can fake it. Also, having full lashes help us appear more youthful because as we age, our eyelashes thin and diminish. 

3. You should treat yourself. 

We think that the best investment is investing in yourself. Whatever makes you feel great about yourself is worth the investment. We love the motto "look good, feel good."

Lashes is your "LBD"

That confidence you feel when you know you're looking your best is so powerful. You will command every room you walk into. Having beautiful lashes is equivalent to that perfect little black dress. You can always depend on them to help you feel beautiful, sexy, and confident. 



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