Finally, Asian Fit Eyelashes! Learn about Love Pretty

Love pretty has luxury eyelashes for asian eyes

Hallelujah, we finally have eyelashes that fit small and/or Asian eyes!  

For decades we've been buying eyelashes that look fantastic on models in the ads. Why is it that when we receive these lashes and try them on at home, they always fall short - or in our case, too long- of expectations. 

Meanwhile, the lashes that are meant for Asian and/or small eyes are so light in volume that you have to stack several pairs of lashes to achieve the look you want. In doing so, you're sacrificing comfort because thick bands don't wear well throughout the day and the corners will often lift. 

This is why we are so excited for Love Pretty! Finally, a lash company that caters to many of us with light and voluminously, luxurious lashes that are comfortable and beautiful for small and/or Asian eyes! 

We no longer have to worry about eyelashes that touch or go past our eyebrows nor do we have to worry about heavy lashes that make it hard for our eyes to stay open. 

If you're skeptical to try Love Pretty lashes, ask yourself how would you rate the comfort of your favorite lashes right now? 


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