Where to Place Your Lashes For A Bright and Lifted Eye Look!

Lashes, like makeup, has the ability to create illusions of a lifted eye or a sleepy eye in seconds! And it’s all dependent on your lash placement! 

But before we get into lash placement, we need to talk about eye angles, specifically outer eye corner angles, because these angles really affect how bright-eyed we can look.

There are three terms we will use to describe our eye angles:




When we are excited or sleepy the angle of our eyes change. For example, think of how our eyes behave when we're excited, our eye corners lift up versus when we're sleepy and our eye corners tend to relax down. 

With this in mind, its makes sense how lashes have the ability to make us look awake or tired based on their placement. 

First, How Do I Know Which One I Am? 

To determine which of these three angles you have. Imagine drawing a line that starts at your inner corner, parallel to the floor, going towards your temple.

How to measure outer eye angle

  • If your outer corner is above the location of your inner corner, you have an upturned eye angle.
  • If your outer corner is in line with your inner corner, you have a neutral eye angle. 
  • If your outer corner is below your inner corner, you have a downturned eye angle.

Knowing which one of these categories your eye angle falls into will help you decide which method you would utilize in lash placement.

Where is this theory from?

From our research, we found that the lash band ends and the bottom of the lash curl is responsible for creating the illusion of a new outer eye angle on your eyes. This new angle will affect how awake or sleepy you look.


We also found that the most preferred lash placement is where the lash bottoms or ends create the illusion of a neutral or upturned eye angle. Which made the eyes look lifted and awake. 

Lash placement for bright eyes

Upturned Eye Angles

love pretty lash placement for upturn eyes

We recommend that the lash band end where your outer eye corner ends. This will bring the upturned eye angle to a slightly more neutral eye angle. 

For those looking for even more of a lift, placing the lash band ends before the outer eye corner will do just that. 

Neutral Eye Angle

Love pretty lash placement for neutral or almond outer eye angle

We recommend that the lash corner ends where your outer eye corner ends.

If you want to achieve a more lifted look, you can also place the lash so that the ends stop a little bit before the outer eye corner.

Downturned Eye Angle

love pretty downturned eye lash placement

We recommend placing the lash so that it lays about 1-2 millimeter (depending on what look you’re trying to achieve) shorter than your outer corner so you create a ‘new’ outer corner eye angle.  This will instantly create a more lifted and refreshed eye look. Move a little at a time so you see where the lash best compliments and lifts your outer eye corner.

If you place the lash ends to where your outer corner ends, you will notice that your eyes will look sleepy because the lash dips down, which will bring down the look of your eyes.



We hope our findings inspire you to test and see how lash placements impact your look! 

Please keep in mind that the information we are sharing with you is based on our own findings and observations. Our intention is to present what we've observed. 

If you prefer to wear your lashes that goes against what we said, please do so!  There is no right or wrong way to wear your lash. At the end of the day, it's makeup and it's subjective to taste and preferences. 


Additional Information

Where Should The Inner Lash Corner Start? 

We like our inner corner of the lash band to start about 1/4in from the inner corner of our eye. You can increase or decrease that depending on the fold of your eyelids and your eye shape.

This part is incredibly personal so we recommend playing around with the placement!




Thank you so much for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful and valuable. 

Please repost and share this post with others! 

Comment below if you already do this with your lashes? 




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