How To Apply Lashes Perfectly the First Time!

Lash application is not something that comes easily but we are confident that with our thorough lash application fundamentals, you will be a lash applying pro in no time! 

Yes, there are tons of blog posts and videos on the internet and we have combed through all of them to compile a list of what we thought was missing in order to help you achieve a seamless lash application. 

You Will Need The Following:

  1. Sharp pair of nail scissors
  2. Latex-Free & Formaldehyde- Free Lash Glue. 
  3. Tweezers
  4. Hand Held Mirror or Compact
  5. Love Pretty Lashes. 

It’s Important To Remember To Apply Your Lashes Last! 

That way powders do not get on your lashes and make them look dusty.

We highly recommend tightlining your upper lash line so that you have a seamless blend between your Love Pretty Lashes and your real lashes.

TCM. Tightline, curl and mascara. 


Before You Apply Lashes, We Recommend That You:

1. Know how to trim/customize your lashes to your desired style. Click here to read.
2. Know what type of outer eye corner angle you have and which placement would look best. Click here to read.

    Always Measure Twice, Cut Once. 

    1. Place the Lash on the eye
    2. Determine Inner Corner Distance
        • If having the inner lash corner close to your inner eye corner is uncomfortable. Incrementally, move your inner lash corner away from your inner eye corner to find your sweet spot.
      3. Trim lash and repeat for other eye. 

        Our eyes are rarely the same size. You will notice that one eye could be larger or smaller than the other. Be sure to measure and trim accordingly.

        How To Trim Your Lashes

        We recommend trimming the lash where the lash band is facing the scissors hinge pin versus the lash hair is facing the scissors hinge pin. When the lash band is trimmed with the band facing the hinge pin, you get a more precise trim because you don’t have to spend time separating the hairs so you don’t accidentally snip some off. 

        Always cut with sharp scissors and make a straight cuts. Any angles can irritate or cause discomfort when wearing.

        Sometimes the nub at the inner corner can irritate you, we recommend trimming the excess off. 

        Lash's Center Location 

        Place the trimmed lash on your eyeline and remember where the center of the lash sits on your eyeline! This will help streamline the application process later on because you know exactly where to place your lash and you won't have to move your lash around to find the perfect position.

        Thin Layer Of Glue

        All you need is a thin layer of glue. Too much glue can make your lashline look chunky.

        You can apply the glue with the lash upside down will allow gravity to help prevent the glue from dripping into the lash hairs. ( Use this technique if your glue is extra wet or in a squeeze tube. If you’re using the pretty sticky glue, you don’t have to worry about glue dripping)


        Let your glue get sticky so it won’t slip and slide around when you apply.

        Mirror Mirror

        Place the compact mirror in front of your chin and look down at the mirror to apply.

        By looking down, your eyelid skin won’t have any folds. This will give you clear access to your lash line.

        When your eyes are open, you have folds and its harder to place your falsies along your lashline. Same as when your eyes are closed. The skin folds will impact correct placement. 

        Hold The Center

        Grab your lash in the center with your tweezers.

        Match the center of the lash to the center position you noted along the eyeline.

        Then place down the inner and outer lash corners. 

        Finally pinch your love pretty lash and real lashes together with tweezers to make sure they are blended

        Repeat For Other Eye

        Voila, your eyes are ready to go with those beautiful Lashes on! 

        We have a video that briefly goes over the TCM, trimming, measuring, and applying.

        This is my first video so please be gentle with me in the comments! 

        Let me know if you want to see a video on lash placement and customizing?




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